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Don’t underestimate the value of the clinical laboratory
an interview with KHosrow Shotorbani
president & Executive director, Santa fe foundation

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A New Wave of Efforts to Improve Patient Outcomes

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The Journal of APPLIED

Shining a Light on the Value of Laboratory Medicine

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Laboratory Medicine and Healthcare Excellence: till death do us part

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Additional Peer-Reviewied Articles


"Foreword: Measurably better healthcare – signs of a (r)evolution in progress towards a new academic science?" The electronic Journal of the IFCC (3/2021): 4-6.

"Procalcitonin (PCT) level in the emergency department identifies a high-risk cohort for all patients treated for possible sepsis" The electronic Journal of the IFCC (3/2021): 20-26.

"Reducing patient risk and enhancing care through the development and implementation of a new chest pain pathway, expedited by and for the COVID-19 era" The electronic Journal of the IFCC (3/2021): 27-40.

"Avoiding insufficient therapies and overdosing with co-reporting eGFRs (estimated glomerular filtration rate) for personalized drug therapy and improved outcomes – a simulation of the financial benefits" The electronic Journal of the IFCC (3/2021): 41-51.

"The Use of Faecal Haemoglobin in Deciding Which Patients Presenting to Primary Care Require Further Investigation (and how quickly) – the FIT Approach" The electronic Journal of the IFCC (3/2021): 52-60.

"The Kidney Check program – Championing Patient-Centered, Culturally Safe, Preventive Kidney Care in Canada’s Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities" The electronic Journal of the IFCC (3/2021): 61-68.

"Intelligent Liver Function Testing: Working Smarter to Improve Patient Outcomes in Liver Disease." Journal of Applied Laboratoy Medicine, Volume 5, No. 5 (09/2020): 1090-1100.

"Preamble: Special Collection on the Value of Laboratory Medicine." Journal of Applied Laboratoy Medicine, Volume 5, No. 5 (09/2020): 841-843.

In the News

Healthcare Excellence is often featured in the news. Not all articles that cite the UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence Award Program are included on this website.  All citations/references posted on this website have permission from each originator.  Statements, conclusions, and/or opinions are exclusive to the authors, unless otherwise indicated.




"Reduction of inpatient daily blood draws with data science and clinical collaboration" IFCC eNews (10/2021) pg 26-27

"Early detection and management of gestational diabetes mellitus for imporved outcomes of mothers and their babies" IFCC eNews (10/2021) pg 27-28

"Reducing post-operative complications in cardiac surgery patients" IFCC eNews (10/2021) pg 28-29

"Maximizing resources for strategic and timely patient communications of COVID-19 status" IFCC eNews (10/2021) pg 29-30

"Harmonisation of discordant notes of cardiac markers and its implications for clinical decisions in cardiovascular disease" Express Healthcare September 29, 2021 by Dr Barnali Das

"Strategic SARS-CoV-2 testing for risk mitigation and optimal healthcare workers and patients " IFCC eNews (9/2021) 20-21

"Enhanced discovery of unidentified comorbidities and diagnosis through the use of Diagnostic Logics " IFCC eNews (9/2021): 22-23

"Enhanced identification and care for patients with undetected HCV and/or HIV via Opt-Out ED screening with active education and linkage to care IFCC eNews (9/2021) pg 23-24

"Using data, innovation and collaboration to support better patient outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic" IFCC eNews (9/2021) pg 24-25

"Recognizing additional advocates of the UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence Program" IFCC eNews (9/2021)pg 26-32

"10 Tips for success for UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence Awards"  IFCC eNews (9/2021) pg 32-34

"Marienhospital für Corona-Strategie ausgezeichnet (Marienhospital Awarded for Corona Strategy)", Marienhospital Stuttgart News, (08/2021)

"Promoting Healthcare Excellence  - will you be a winner of a UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence award?" ACB News, Issue 672 (08/2021)

"普通体检者查出肺结节,到底要不要手术?听这个MDT团队怎么说 (An ordinary medical examiner finds a pulmonary nodule. Do you need surgery? Listen to what the MDT team has to say)" Yangchen Evening News, 07/10/2021

 "Prestigious Canadian Site with Top Helathcare Excellence Award Unveils the UNIVANTS "GREAT" Trophy LabMedica International, Vol. 38 No. 4 (6-7/2021): p.31

"Clinical Leader in Croatia Calls Upon Integrated Clinical Care Teams for Healthcare ExcellenceIFCC eNEWS (7/2021): 19-20.

"Laboratory-Led Company-Wide Screening Programs for Safe Back-to-Work Strategies During COVID-19 Pandemic" IFCC eNEWS (7/2021): 21.

"Improving Patient Experiences via Reliable Pre-Surgical Biomarker Risk Assessments in Patients Undergoing Eye SurgeryIFCC eNEWS (7/2021):22-23.

"Improving Care and Overall Experience for Patients Who Present to a Tanzania Clinic with Suspected Cardiovascular Diseases" IFCC eNEWS (7/2021): 23-24.

"Increased Detection of Acute Myocardial Infarction in Women Using Sex-Specific Upper Reference LimitsIFCC eNEWS (7/2021): 24-25.

"Making a Difference in the Health of Populations Worldwide" CLN Supplement (June 2021): 1-4.

"Detection and management of thyroid dysfunction during pregnancy for improving maternal and offspring outcomes" IFCC eNEWS (6/2021): 15-16.

"Austrian social health insurance fund Österreichische Gesundheitskasse receives global recognition for achievement with Healthcare Excellence AwardIFCC eNEWS (5/2021): 23-24.

"NHS Tayside receives global recognition for efficient and effective investigation of patients with new bowel symptoms using faecal immunochemical tests (FIT)" IFCC eNEWS (5/2021): 25-26.

"The Princess Alexandra Hospitals NHS Trust receives global award for healthcare excellence with strategic implementation of procalcitonin for the early recognition and management of sepsis in the emergency department" IFCC eNEWS (5/2021): 27-28.

"When the World Needed Them Most, They Stood UpAbbott Laboratories, (04/2021).

"Leading a Legacy of Healthcare Excellence at Marienhospital, Germany" LabMedica International, Vol. 38 No. 2 (04/2021): p.31.

"The Top 10 “Count-Ups” to Healthcare Excellence at Biomédica de Referencia (Mexico)" IFCC eNews (4/2021): 15-17.

"Three Integrated Clinical Care Teams from Canada Receive Global Recognition for Healthcare ExcellenceCSCC News (3/2021):6-7.

"Reducing Medical Errors and Enhancing Patient Care Through Strategic Point-of-Care Testing Led by Laboratory MedicineIFCC eNews (3/2021): 26-27.

"Improving Patient Safety in Patients with Indeterminant Pulmonary Nodules: An Integrated Clinical Care Team in China Wins DistinctionIFCC eNews (3/2021): 24-25.

"Valued Clinical Leaders Share Perspectives on the Importance of Laboratory Medicine: A Conversation with Prof. Manu Vatish, Dr. Martin Than, and Prof. John Dillon" IFCC eNews (2/2021): 18-21.

"Dubai Health Authority Receives 2020 UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence Award – Recognition of Distinction and Best in Africa and the Middle East for their Novel Collaborative Approach Among Public and Private Sectors During the COVID-19 PandemicIFCC eNews (2/2021): 25-26.

"Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein Receives 2020 UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence Award – Recognition of Distinction and Best in Latin America for Reducing Adverse Events in Patients with Hemorrhagic ShockIFCC eNews (2/2021): 23-24. 

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Spotlight Archives


"Improving Clinical and Quality Outcomes for Prenatal Care with Lab 2.0 at TriCore Reference Laboratories." Modern Healthcare, 8 Nov. 2019

"Unified Collaborations Power Better Healthcare Across the Globe." CLN News, 1 Nov 2019

"Integrated Teams Challenge the Status Quo for Improved Deliver Care." CLN Supplement (10/2019): 1-7

"The Expanding Role of Laboratory Medicine in Care Transformation." Modern Healthcare, 25 Oct. 2019

"Improving Outcomes and Reducing Mortality in Patients that Undergo Non-Cardiac Surgery Through Novel Pathways and Biomarkers of Myocardial Ischemia." Modern Healthcare, 11 Oct. 2019

"Recognizing Healthcare Transformation and Laboratory Excellence." Modern Healthcare, 30 Sept 2019

"Integrated Teams Drive Healthcare Transformation." CLN Supplement, (07/2019): 1-4.

"UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence: Celebrating the 2019 Winners." Modern Healthcare, 22 July 2019.

"Unify for Something Greater A Conversation with Abbott's Tricia Ravalico." Modern Healthcare, 4 Mar. 2019


News Archives


"Einstein Wins the UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence Award.” Sociedade Beneficente Israelita Brasileira Albert Einstein: (12/2020).

"Global Award for Innovative Testing Programme: An Innovative Tayside Scheme to Enhance the Early Detection of Bowel Cancer has Received a Prestigious Global Healthcare Award. University of Dundee Press Release: (12/2020).

"Award for Hanusch Hospital: UNIVANTS Healthcare Excellence Award Honors Exemplary Team Performance in the Healthcare Sector.” Österreichische Gesundheitskasse (ÖGK): (12/2020).

"Kidney Check: The Next Generation of Surveillance for Hypertension, Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease." IFCC eNews (12/2020): 27-28. 

"Reducing Patient Risk and Enhancing Care through the Development and Implementation of a New Chest Pain Pathway, Expedited by and for the COVID-19." IFCC eNews (12/2020): 25-26. 

"Early Diagnosis and Improved Management of Patients with Diabetes through Strategic and Automated Test Algorithms via Primary Care." IFCC eNews (12/2020): 28-29. 

"Hospital Awarded Prestigious Accolade for Work to Support Patients With Sepsis.” The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust: (11/2020).

"Healthcare Excellence in 2020 Recognized by UNIVANTS Awards." HIMSS (11/2020)

"Kidney Check program receives UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence awards." University of Manitoba UM Today News (11/2020).

"IHE Joins Global Partners in Announcing 2020 UNIVANTS Awards." IHE News Release (11/20): 1.

"IFCC, Abbott and Health Industry Leaders Partners in the UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence Award Announce the Integrated Care Teams Receiving Recognition." IFCC News Release (11/2020).

"Leading Healthcare Excellence: A Conversation with Dr. Ellie Dow and Dr. Tim James." IFCC eNews (09/2020): 20-22.

"Shining a Light on the Value of Laboratory Medicine – UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence Program." Journal of Applied Laboratory Medicine, Volume 5 No. 5 (09/2020): 1142-1144.

"Recognizing Valued Advocates of the UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence Program." IFCC eNews (07/2020): 19-22.

"Standardization and Personalization for Improved Healthcare." IFCC eNews (06/2020): 30-31.

"Engaging Communities of Stakeholders for Measurably Better Patient Care." IFCC eNews (05/2020): 17-18.

"Join Us in Celebrating Healthcare Excellence on LinkedIn." LabMedica Interantional, Vol. 37 No. 3 (05/2020): 30.

"Participe Con Nosotros Celebrando la Excelencia en la Atención de la Salud en LinkedIn." LabMedica Espanol, Vol.37 No. 3 (05/2020): 30.

"Ten Tips for Achieving Global Recognition with the 2020 UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence Award Program." IFCC eNews (04/2020): 19-21.

"UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence." ACB News, Issue 664 (04/2020).

"Leading Healthcare Organizations UNITE to offer 2020 UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence Awards." IFCC eNews (04/2020): 21-23.

 "WorldLab 2020 Takes on Healthcare Excellence." LabMedica International, Vol. 37 No. 1 (03/2020): p.31.

 "WorldLab 2020 Aborda la Excelencia en la Atencion de Salud." LabMedica Espanol, Vol. 37 No. 1 (03/2020): p.31.

 "Healthcare Quality Solutions - Ready your Workforce for Quality." IFCC eNews (03/2020): 30-31.

 "Best in Area Awards - UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence." IFCC eNews (03/2020): 32.

"Integrated Clinical Care Team at The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust Recognized for Healthcare Excellence." IFCC eNews (02/2020): 23-24.

"Leading Best Practices in Integrated Clinical Care for Antibiotic Stewardship." IFCC eNews (02/2020): 25-26.

"Leading Best Practices for the Recognition and Treatment of Hospitalized Patients with Diabetes." IFCC eNews (02/2020): 28-29.

 "Interdisciplinary Team Recognized for Outstanding Acute Cardiac Care Using Novel Accelerated Diagnostics Pathway." IFCC eNews (02/2020): 26-27.

World Renowned Research Leads to Live-Saving Measurably Better Healthcare for Patients Undergoing Non-Cardiac Surgery.” IFCC eNews (12/2019): 12-14.

"Cleveland Clinic's Best Practice Receives Recognition of Distinction for Innovations in Laboratory Stewardship." IFCC eNews (12/2019): 11-12.

"Cross-Industry Collaboration to Improve Detection and Treatment of Patients with Familial Hypercholesterolemia." IFCC eNews (12/2019): 14-15.

"Innovation, Leadership and Strategic Partnerships Trigger Unprecedented Outcomes in Dubai." IFCC eNews (11/2019): 22-23.

"Serving the Underserved: Innovative Viral Hepatitis Screening Program Enables Timely Detection." IFCC eNews (11/2019): 19-20.

"TriCore Reference Laboratories Partners with MCO to Improve Prenatal Care." IFCC eNews (11/2019): 20-21.

"Asociando el Valor de la Medicina de Laboratorio a Indicadores Clave de Desempeño Teniendo en Cuenta a Todos Interesados." LabMedica En Espanol, Vol. 36 No. 7 (11/2019): p.62.

"Linking the Value of Laboratory Medicine to Key Performance Indicators Across Healthcare Stakeholders." LabMedica International, Vol. 36 No. 7 (11/2019); p.62.

"Stars in Their Eyes.North of Scotland Laboratories Programme Taigh-solais (10/2019)

"Measurable Impact of the Clinical Laboratory to Patients, Clinicians, and Health Systems" Lab Medica International, Vol. 36 No. 6 (10/2019).

"Impacto Medible del Laboratorio Clinico Sobre los Pacientes, Los Medicos y los Sistemas de Salud." LabMedica En Espanol, Vol. 36 No. 6 (10/2019).

"Unifying for Something Greater in Rio De Janeiro.IFCC eNews (10/2019): 17-18.

"Improving Patient Care Through Co-Reporting eGFRs for Personalized Drug Therapy." . (10/2019): 17-18.

"Measurably Better Healthcare Performance in Palestine Through Leadership and Comprehensive Quality Management." IFCC eNews (10/2019): 17-18.

"Intelligent Liver Function Testing (iLFT) – An Emerging Partnership with Abbott." AHSP Publications (2019).

"Avant-Garde Liver Function Testing, Leading a Best Practice Charge from Dundee, Scotland." IFCC eNews (09/2019): 18-20.

"Leading Research at Oxford Leads to Best Practice Award for Their Pre-Eclampsia Care.IFCC eNews (09/2019): 15-16.

"Unified to Improve Diagnostic Pathways and Treatment for Patients with Acute Kidney Injury: An International Best Practice in Germany." IFCC eNews (09/2019): 17-18.

"Abbott and Health Industry Leaders Announce 2019 UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence Award Winners." News Medical Life Sciences, 23 July 2019.

"Intelligent Testing Could Save Lives by Defusing Ticking Time Bomb of Liver Disease." University of Dundee (06/2019)

"Tayside Liver Testing Project Presented with Healthcare Excellence Award." The Low Down NHS Tayside, 26 June 2019

"Best Practices to Advance Healthcare: Integration of Laboratory Insights in Healthcare Management." EHMA Conference, 2019

"Looking Back: Howard Morris and the UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence Program." IFCC eNews (05/2019): 11-12.

"Team Wolves Scoop Healthcare Excellence Award!" ACB News, Issue 658, April 2019

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