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Thank you Healthcare Professionals

The UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence Program relies on the leadership, partnerships, and passion of integrated teams to develop, celebrate and inspire measurably better healthcare. As UNIFIERS and AVANT-GARDE thinkers, your best practices make a difference both locally and globally. Thank you for your commitment to Healthcare Excellence.



innovations honoring world pre-eclampsia month

UNIVANTS Oxford team 1100x733.jpg             
In honor of  World Pre-eclampsia Awareness Month (May) including World Pre-eclampsia Day (May 22nd), we celebrate the continued accomplishments of Oxford University Hospitals who has previously earned Top Global winner of the UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence Awards.  Their life saving innovations for mothers and babies using angiogenic biomarkers for pre-eclampsia can be read here via their abstract and metrics.

Power of laboratory medicine

  UNIVANTS istock1 May 22 450x240.jpg

Accuracy and precision has long been a core competency of clinical laboratory.                      

UNIVANTS iStock-2 May 22 450x240.jpg

Proactive and strategic collaborations fueled by laboratory medicine can lead to measurably better healthcare.

UNIVANTS iStock-3 May 22 450x240.jpg

Longitudinal analysis of biomarkers can drive actionable insights for improved patient care.     

UNIVANTS iStock-4 May 22 450x240.jpg

We thank laboratorians for being healthcare heroes to patients, payors, clinicians and healthcare systems.                                          


Every picture has a story to tell, and every story has purpose, passion and adventure

This Photo Gallery for the UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence program features everything from conference symposia to winning celebrations, executive discussions, and inspirational brainstorms. Learn more about how you can attend and/or contribute to the program, events or gallery by contacting us at


UNIVANTS Partner_3_275X147.jpg       Saudi Arabia GREAT Trophy 275x147.jpg       UNIVANTS AACC 2021 David Grenache-Tricia 275x147.jpgJapan Lab Team V3_275x147.jpg        UNIVANTS Dubai_275x147.jpg       UNIVANTS Partner_2_275X147.jpgUNIVANTS Partner Mtg 1_275X147.jpg       UNIVANTS Marienhospital_275x147.jpg       ROD_8612-275x147.pngUNIVANTS Kenya 275x147.jpg        16 Dundee Recognition Dinner Award Acceptance-275x147.png       Dubai Certificate_275x147.jpgUNIVANTS_Oxford_275x147.jpg        Princess Alexandra Sepsis_275x147.jpg       UNIVANTS Tanzania_275x147.jpgAlbert Einstein_275x147.jpg        Nova Scotia Screen Shot_275x147.jpg       UNIVANTS_2020 China Team_275x147.jpg

 Health Systems 275x147.png      Clinician 275x147.png      UHCE - Austria 21 Recognition - gallery-275x147.png

New Zealand - Hands in 275x147.png      AACC UHCE      Alicante - Outside masks 275x147.png

ASA_8303-275x147.png      Alicante Acceptance       Mumbai Team

Luz Acceptance      Abbott China - UHCE Team       ROD_8578-275x147.png

 Brazil Hands in - masks.inside 275x147.png       groupFlag-275x147.jpg       ASA_8285-275x147.jpgOxford Extended Team-275x147.jpg       Abbott team unity       EHMA 2020 UHCE-275x147.png

282China Collaboratory Summit - Tricia Presenting Country Stats.JPG        New Zealand Extended Team 32 - cropped-275x147.png       69.Martin Than at London Healthcare Excellence Forum, 2018.jpg

San Carlos 2-275x147.jpg        81.Potsdam Action Shot 4.jpg       BZ Lab-275x147.jpg

  Oxford Lab Crop - 949-275x147.jpg      ASA_7684-275x147.jpg Dundee Furrie - 66-275x147.jpg      

San Carlos 1-275x147.jpg        50.SBPC UNIVANTS on Stage at Abbott Booth.jpg        40.TriCore Certificates with CEO.jpg

45.Swedish Covenant Team Award Pic.jpg        36.Oxford Dinner Party on the lawn - non Abbott.jpg         29.Collaboratory Summit China Presenters Pic crop.jpg

54.2020 Partner Meeting - Steve Mandell Ferrari and Khosrow.JPG        48.Abbott Team at the 2019 Partner Meeting.jpg        43.Wolverhampton Team Award Pic.jpg

      47.Tricia and Hal Wolf of Himss.jpg49.Scientific Leadership Team with UNIVANTS Pledge sign.jpeg     56.2020 Partner Meeting - Khosrow and Federico.JPG

31.Dundee Recognition Dinner Award Acceptance v2.jpg        20.Potsdam Recognition Award Acceptance.jpg        Payor KPI 275x147.png

44.Tubingen Team Award Pic.jpg        78.Tricia presenting SBPC - crop.jpg         83.Potsdam Action Shot 6.jpg

05.Usman, Federico, and Tricia.jpg        11.Potsdam Team Hands-in.jpg         85.Dundee Team Celebrates.jpg 

65.Tricia at LAC Kick-off 1.JPG        75.Oxford Action Shot 2.jpg         02.Formal Partners Pic.JPG

46.Hamilton Health Team Recognition Pic.JPG         57.2020 Partner Meeting - Craig IHE Presentation.JPG        53.2020 Partner Meeting - Tricia Teresa and Fawn.JPG

 22.MH Roundtable Full Team pic.jpg    04 EHMA Presentation-275x147.jpg   73.Dundee Action Shot 1.jpg

42.TriCore Team Fun pics.JPG         74.Oxford Action Shot 1.jpg         51.Dubai Certificate Acceptances.jpg

52.2020 Partner Meeting - Fun Group s.jpg        84.Postdam Dialysis Center Team pics.jpg         39.TriCore - Full Team Pic.jpgSwedish Covenant_site photo of team and leadership-275x147.jpg         63.2020 Partner Meeting -- All Team Pic Outside v2275.jpg         62.2020 Partner Meeting - Team think and collaboration

     Oxford Lab 2 - 105-275x147.jpg32.EHMA Finlands.JPG      59.2020 Partner Meeting - Loretta Presents275.jpg


 Some group photos were taken before the COVID-19 pandemic or were digitally composed to align with public health direction.

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